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So my quest to visit all 50 states by the age 50 and publish at least one photo on this blog from each one of them is well under its way. With this photo I have 28 states, DC and Puerto Rico covered. Photos from one more state are coming shortly as well, which will make it total of 29. I still have to visit twenty one state in the next few years. A lot, especially that majority of them I have absolutely no reason to visit and not even sure what to see in some of them. I’ll probably plan “hit-shoot-run” type of weekend visits to many of them.

This photo was taken on the Christmas day in Pass Christian Mississippi. We were driving from New Orleans to Mobile via HW90 and I tried to find something interesting on Mississippi coast, and this probably will be the only photo…

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1957 Ford at the New Hope Car Show

Mind Over Motor

This past August, I was busy taking pictures with Nick at the New Hope Car Show, an event which, although not billed as a Concours, has cars that would certainly look at home in one.  Day One, August 10, is reserved for American cars.  This year, during the awards, we were taking detail shots when my eardrums on both sides of my head got a big jolt.  I turned around, and there was this rather ordinary-looking 1957 Ford two-door sedan sitting in traffic idling behind me.  However, the dog-dish hubcaps and rather loud shade of red spoke to something sinister–if there’s one thing I learned over my years, it was that this Ford, with its fetching red paint and rumbling exhaust, was hiding something wicked under the hood.  After a quick chat with the owner, I was delighted to hear that this ’57 was packing some serious punch–in fact, this…

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Wekfest Texas 2013 Coverage…Part 3…

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Welcome back everyone to the ongoing Wekfest Texas 2013 coverage. I still have yet to complete all the photos but I think that there will probably just be one more post after today of coverage. I know it is a lot of content to go through but I always find that it is better to capture more of whatever catches my eye than to restrict myself. Any time I travel outside of California to cover an event, I always take a lot of photos, often of the same cars because I’m not sure if I’ll ever be back again to that particular region and the way the scene is these days, you’re likely to never even see some of these builds again after an event because guys will either part their cars out and build something new, or they will have a completely new look next year. Things just move…

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