Alfa Romeos from the paddock at Laguna Seca

Mind Over Motor

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Race Car

There were a number of truly righteous Alfa Romeos occupying the paddock at Laguna Seca during the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion this year. When it comes to vintage cars, Alfas are definitely among my personal favorite. They are some of the sexiest machines around, and back in the day, Alfa Romeo was a serious racing contender… before all of this Fiat Group hierarchy, everyone bow down to Ferrari, nonsense.

The Alfas in the pit lane were among the creme-de-la-creme of Alfa Romeos. We saw a Tipo 33/2 Race Car (pictured above), a TZ, a TZ2, and a very race prepped Giulia Spyder. For context, Alfa Romeo made just 112 TZs, and a scant 12 TZ2s. I’m not sure on the number of Tipo 33/2s that Alfa produced, but I’d bet it’s within the range of the TZ models.

Italian cars are able to make any setting look good. Enjoy the…

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